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MagnetTimes offers a hassle-free, on-the-fly personalized magnetic memories.

Impress your guests! Give them a memory that will last.

We'll capture fun moments and print them at your event on custom-framed, high-quality magnetic pictures for your guests to take home with them as they say their goodbyes.

Simply the perfect parting gift!

At your service, on-the-fly

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Kick back while we provide your guests with MagnetTimes' magnetic memories.

Just minutes after the pictures are taken, these beautiful moments will be displayed at your event for guests to take home with them.

Don't forget to remember

Don't forget to remember

Our professional and fun photos will make their mark long after the party is over and provide an instant reminder of your special day.

MagnetTimes guarantees high quality printing for memories that won't fade away!

Custom tailored for you

Custom tailored for you

Your event has its own style – And we love your style!
Pick one of our predefined magnet frames or let our designers create a custom look especially for your event.

Choose the wording to have on your magnets and we're good to go!

Share your awesomeness!

Share your awesomeness!

Want those awesome memories to be available online? We've got your back.
We'll create a dedicated album for your event for you and your guests to view from anywhere.

True awesomeness. Your awesomeness.

Check out others' true awesomeness!

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What does MagnetTimes provide?

We provide an on-the-spot magnetic pictures printing service for any type of event. Pictures taken by our photographers are immediately sent for printing on high-quality magnets.

The magnetic pictures include a frame using either one of our existing designs or a design created especially for your event, along with wording of your choice to indicate the event they were taken on. They are 1/8 of a letter-size paper (4.25" X 2.75").

Just minutes after the pictures are taken at your event, they will be printed and displayed for your guests - and yourself, of course - to take home and remind them of the great time they had.

In addition - and only at your consent - we will upload the pictures that were taken at your event to Facebook, where you and your guests can tag each other and share those fun times.

How does it work?

It’s Simple!
We will take pictures at the reception party or company event, any place that we can capture fun memories for you and your guests. Using MagnetTimes' unique software and high-quality printing, we are able to print magnetic pictures with a frame of your choice.

Since it takes us literally minutes to print the magnets, guests get an instant thrill off this innovative attraction.

These are not "Save the date" Magnets - we will be taking photos during the event, prepare them on-the-spot and have them ready to be picked up by your guests before they leave.

How is this any different than regular photographers?

Frankly, no magic there - It's the magnets that make all the difference!

Being able to get a hold of the final results right there on-the-spot, turns this memorabilia into an even stronger memory of the fun and excitement your guests have had.

What's the MagnetStation?

MagnetTimes provides a free of charge photography station, with a professional studio photography backdrop for an enhanced picture quality.

Your magnets just got a free upgrade!

What do you need to operate this attraction?

  • About 45 minutes prior to the event to set our equipment up.
  • A tiny space, where we would print the magnets. Preferably, in some back office or a remote corner, where we're not in anyone's way.
  • If you choose to use our MagnetStation, we would need a spot to set the backdrop, where the pictures will be taken.

Where can I get your service?

Currently, MagnetTimes is offering its services in the greater Puget Sound, WA, with no extra cost. If you would like to get our services outside the Puget Sound, please contact us for more details.